Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Night Scores

Thursday, October 28
SM West* 34, Blue Valley North 10

Friday, October 29
Olathe East* 35, Olathe South* 14
Olathe North* 35, Olathe Northwest 6
Lawrence Free State* 42, Lawrence 20
SM Northwest* 41, Wyandotte 14
SM North* 28, Leavenworth 24
SM East* 28, SM South 12

*Qualified for the playoffs


Anonymous said...

Olathe East 20
Olathe Northwest 17

Olathe North 35
Olathe Northwest 6

Olathe East 35
Olathe South 14

Olathe North 30
Olathe South 7

LOL!!! The Eagles are the top ranked of the sunflower for sure!!!

Anonymous said...

Ranking as end of season

1. Olathe North (beat both SMW/SME and made more points than any teams in league)

2. SM East (beat SMW and did not plat OE)

3. Olathe East (did not play SME/SMW will not earn 1st nor 2nd place)

Anonymous said...

It was actually

olathe east 21
olathe northwest 7

Anonymous said...

^^ How can you put O-North above O-East when they went head to head and O-East won? And how can you put O-East bellow SME when SME lost to O-North who lost to O-East. Come on man keep the opinions out of it.

Anonymous said...

^ and how can the Olathe east ranked above the SMW and SME which they will never play with....

Olathe north beat SMW and SME and Olathe east only beat ON and not playing SMW and SME???? No way!

Anonymous said...

olathe east lost to lawrence who lost to olathe north ... your dumb. just becasue north lost to them one time early in the season does not make them better especially since top cornerback dominick wilson was injured and did not play against the hawks.

Anonymous said...

^ "your dumb"......hilarious!!!! You're just a another little kid that hate the Eagles, you and I both know that the Eagles owns the Sunflower league so clear even every major news and the websites choose the Eagles over the Hawks!


Olathe North 4th
Olathe East 6th

The Olathe News-

Olathe North 1st
Olathe East 2nd

Kansas Prep Football-

Olathe North 4th
Olathe East 5th

The Star-

Olathe North 3rd
Olathe East 5th

and go and Eli do not know how the ranking actually work and you 2 bascially upset is because the Eagled beat the Vikings at their 1st game...too bad...

-Hawks hater!!!!!!