Saturday, October 30, 2010

6A East Playoff Bracket

1) Olathe East (8-1) vs.
Lawrence Free State (5-4)

4) SM Northwest (5-4) vs.
SM West (7-2)

3) SM East (8-1) vs.
Olathe South (6-3)

2) Olathe North (8-1) vs.
SM North (2-7)

**The teams that are seeded (OE, SMNW, SME, ON) host all of the first round games.

**The KSHSAA drew names out of a hat to determine the the tiebreaker between Olathe East, Olathe North, and SM East.

**The winner of the OE/FS game will play the winner of the SMNW/SMW game in the Sectional Round of the playoffs next week. The winner of the SME/OS game will play the winner of the ON/SMN game in Sectionals next week as well. The winner of the Sectional games will meet in the Sub-State round the week after for a chance to make it the to state championship game.


TheImpaler said...

Woot! Almost exactly what we wanted (as SMW and generally SM fans) West gets Cougs first round, not that that's as easy as it was in week two but assuming they can win that, West will HOST O East in round 2. The only bad part is SME will have to play AT O North in round 2. Vikes would also host ON in the semis. Not sure what the tie breaker for home field is this year if semis are SMW-SME.

TheImpaler said...

Eli - do you know who plays where? SMW-SMNW at North and SME-OS at SM South?

Anonymous said...

All games start at 7:00 PM on the dates noted, unless otherwise indicated.
(Seed of District Winners) Top team on the bracket is host for first round. Host for subsequent rounds will be identified on the bracket.

Friday, November 5

[1] Olathe-East (8-1)Lawrence-Free State (5-4) @ CBAC

[4] SM-Northwest (5-4)SM-West (7-2) @ SM Dist. Stadium-South

[3] SM-East (8-1) Olathe-South (6-3)@SM Dist. Stadium North

[2] Olathe-North (8-1) SM-North (2-7)@ ODAC

Anonymous said...

Pussy playoff, SMW will be gone!

Anonymous said...

What happen to Wyadottie County?? Isnt they has the same district as Sm North? Both records are 2-7 and why does SM North adviced to the play-off and not the Wy Co?

Diablo del Sol said...

Because Wyandotte didnt win any of their district games. SMN won two of their district games. The first 6 games of the regular season dont dictate whether or not you go to the playoffs.