Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thursday Night Scores

Thursday, October 7

SM West 55, Lawrence 21
SM East 18, Olathe Northwest 13


the EAST chicken said...

Lancers did not look sharp tonight but their overall better talent and coaching pulled out an ugly ugly win. coming off a huge win at free state with a short week at CBAC, ill take an ugly win... Looked like West dominated Lawrence or maybe they just piled it on late like they did against SMN. Either way 2 weeks from now (if both teams win) game of the year will be SME v SMW. Who thought we'd be saying that when the season started? not me thats for sure... GO EAST! BEAT BVN!

Anonymous said...

West scored in every quarter. Sophmores came in with nearly 10 minutes left in the forth quarter (again.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the Chicken - the SME/ONW game was, at times, ugly to watch and stressful from a Lancer fan's pt. of view. ONW was tenacious, but the Lancers hung tough and found a way to win. This has been a long and rough 3-game stretch of away games, and a real test of character for the Lancers. GO East!

TheImpaler said...

West played the most complete game I've seen in a long time. They totally dominated Lawrence in every way. Other than two defensive miscues where the gave up long TDs (fell asleep on last play of first half) they were top notch. They have SO MANY weapons when they're on. Three first rate tailbacks, a solid fullback, very fast receivers and possibly the most accurate high school passer I've ever seen. Armani Williams made some fantastic throws last night. I don't see how anyone can slow this team down when they play their best. Also a big advatage over SME is the kicking game...SMW was 7/7 on extra points and hit TWO 43 yard FGs. East did not convert a single extra point last night. All I can say tonight is go Cougs, go Firebirds! Vikings need that #1 seed this year!