Saturday, October 9, 2010

Friday Night Scores

Friday, October 8

Olathe East 17, Lawrence Free State 0
Olathe North 31, SM Northwest 29
Olathe South 42, SM North 6
SM South 36, Leavenworth 20

Game recaps to be posted later in the weekend.

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TheImpaler said...

Not much has changed in the last two weeks as to who I think will make the playoffs in the East (Though I will go with OS over BVW now (meaning no BV team makes the 6A playoffs) but the seeding picture has become much less clear. Maybe Eli knows more about the seeding formula than I do. I know how the pairing and home field rules work (horribly in both cases) but not the magical seeding formula. If. as seems likely. SMW, ON and OE all wind up 8-1, how do the seeds shake out? Is it as simple as OE beat ON beat SMW so that’s how they’re seeded? Or since they didn’t all play each other do they toss head to head out? It seems to me that if SMW has won 8 straight and is conference champ, they should be #1 seed. Plus the fact that, right now at least they seem to be playing the best football. Cleary SMNW has to be 4 seed which means that the 2 seed gets the easiest first round game (SMN?) while the 1 seed will get a team with a winning record. Hmmm….