Thursday, July 28, 2011

2011 Player Spotlights: Scott Gourley

Scott Gourley, number 76 above, will be key to how well
Olathe South's rushing attack operates this season.
Scott Gourley
Olathe South

Positions: Center, Defensive End
Height: 6-foot-4
Weight: 255 lbs.
Year: Senior

Stat to Note
Gourley was named a First Team All-Sunflower League offensive lineman following his junior season.

Scouting Report
Scott is the son of Olathe South Head Coach Jeff Gourley.  While it may seem like playing under your father would be a dubious role, Sunflower League players of past have actually done quite well.  Some notable coaches son's of the past 15 years or so include Olathe North's Brandon Wier and Mike McCall, Lawrence Free State's Michael and Brett Lisher, and Olathe South's Kyson Ginavan and Brad Gourley (Scott's older brother).

The fact of the matter is that coaches son's have done well in the SL and Scott has already added his name to that list.  As a junior he helped pave the way for Olathe South's rushing attack which averaged just under 285 yards a game and churned out over 3,000 rushing yards on the season.

With the loss of their top three running backs to graduation, Scott and company will be blocking for a completely new cast of backs in 2011.  While no team wants to break in all new ballcarriers, Olathe South can rest a little easier knowing they have number 76 in the middle of all the blocking assignments.

Aside from his duties on the offensive side of the ball, keep an eye on Scottt at the defensive end position.  Many colleges are recruiting him for defensive purposes, despite the fact that his most impressive work has come as a center.


Jerry Rice said...

Orange Mooney is a cancer to the entire Sunflower League

Anonymous said...

I heard Tim Riggins was transferring from Dillon High School to Shawnee Mission East this season. THey could be just a rumor though

Tim Riggins said...

This is true, I heard what coach Sherman was doing up here and decided that I couldn't miss that

Anonymous said...

I kind of wonder where your information on Olathe South comes from, considering Scott hasn't played 1 down of defense in his two years as a starter. Colleges usually don't recruit players on positions they don't ever play. Also, they run the triple option... right?

Eli Underwood said... is a fairly reputable source.

Vince Lombardi said...

Orange Mooney has fought cancer and beat it. So Jerry Rice, you are incorrect.

Alan Twitty said...

Vince Lombardi, surely you jest.

Alan Jackson said...

I have heard from multiple sources, that Shawnee Mission East has a great pair of, hard nosed defensive ends and guards.

Josh Dalton's Nephew said...

Alan..that is also true they are tough hardnosed players and soemthing to watch out for. Definitely tough to stop

Nick Pirotte said...

I heard there probably two of the toughest players out there, ones a state wrestler or something and just crazy mean. I heard the two dends are really good friends and have probably the best chemistry among any other conjugate position players in the league.

For eaglelover, Conjugate position: (left guard, right guard, left dend, right dend)

We all know your not very smart.

Anonymous said...

Ahem; it's YOU'RE not very smart, as in YOU ARE, not YOUR, which is the possessive form of you.

But a smart guy like you knows that, I'm sure.