Friday, December 2, 2011

2011 Coaches All-Sunflower League Teams

First Team
Lawrence's Brad Strauss was named First Team
All-Sunflower League as a quarterback and as a
defensive back.  Photo courtesy the Lawrence
Journal World.

Brad Strauss, Junior, Lawrence

Running Backs
Gabe Guild, Junior, SM South
Connor Middleton, Senior, Olathe Northwest
Teddy Colbert, Senior, Olathe South

Wide Receivers
Willie Cauley, Senior, Olathe Northwest
Tanner Gentry, Senior, Olathe North
Anthony Buffalomeat, Senior, Lawrence

Tight End
Adam Elkiwan, Senior, Olathe East

 Offensive Line
Scott Gourley, Senior, Olathe South
Braden Smith, Sophomore, Olathe South
Ethan Goss, Senior, Olathe East
Dreu White, Senior, SM Northwest
Sean Thomas, Senior, Lawrence

Defensive Line
Matthew Baltimore, Senior, Olathe East
Kharon Brown, Junior, Lawrence
Braden Smith, Sophomore, Olathe South
Cody Stanclift, Junior, Lawrence Free State

Alex Anthony, Senior, Olathe Northwest
Remington Whitley, Junior, Olathe South
Austin Jackson, Senior, Leavenworth
David Stewart, Junior, SM East

Defensive Backs
Junior Williams, Senior, Olathe East
Brad Strauss, Junior, Lawrence
Kyle McFarland, Junior, Lawrence Free State
Mason Perez, Senior, SM North

Anthony Rosen, Senior, Lawrence

Fritz Wilbur, Senior, Olathe South

Return Specialist
Mason Perez, Senior, SM North

Second Team

Frankie Seurer, Junior, Olathe South

Running Backs
John Kelsh, Senior, Olathe East
Orange Mooney, Senior, Olathe North
Jason Randall, Sophomore, Leavenworth

Wide Receivers
Mason Perez, Senior, SM North
Elliot Faerber, Senior, SM East
Drew Johnson, Senior, Olathe South

Tight End
Chris King, Senior, Olathe South

Offensive Line
Jimmy Fernandez, Senior, Lawrence Free State
Joe Odrowski, Senior, Lawrence
Myron Tipton, Senior, Olathe East
Nathan Butler, Junior, Leavenworth
Austin Chambers, Sophomore, SM West

Defensive Line
Jared Douglas, Senior, Olathe South
Lee Spight, Sophomore, SM West
Connor Holsinger, Junior, Olathe Northwest
Jacob Roberson, Junior, Leavenworth

Adam Joice, Senior, Lawrence Free State
Alex Forslund, Senior, SM South
Chase Hanson, Junior, Olathe South
Tony Wagner, Senior, Olathe North

Defensive Backs
Alex Waugh, Senior, Leavenworth
Dylan DeVries, Junior, Olathe South
Tim Mayes, Senior, Olathe Northwest
Joe Dineen, Sophomore, Lawrence Free State

Ryan Ahlgren, Junior, Olathe East

Anthony Buffalomeat, Senior, SM North
Return Specialist
Avery Parker, Senior, Olathe Northwest
Matt Elliott, Junior, Olathe South

Honorable Mention

Charles Jackson, Tyrone Jenkins, Erick Mayo, Drake Hofer, Drew Green, Dorius Johnson, Jordan Brown, Blake Hocking, Will Thompson

Lawrence Free State
Shawn Knighton, Ryan Patterson, Tye Hughes, Adam Joice, Corban Schmidt, Caylor Norris, Kale Joice, Blake Winslow

Judson Cole, Eli Keppler, DeAndre Mapp, Anthony Truelove, Jesse Colver, Ricky Gonzales, Eric Harris, Josh Ammel, Austin McDaniel, Isaiah Ross, Mark Dabeck, Dakota Hamelund

Olathe East
John Blazevic, Kendall Kelly, Chad Johnson, Marcus Banks

Olathe North
Tyler Berry, Aubrun Hopson, Trey Geiger, Michael Wurts, Gage Smoots, Jordan Bruce, Kai Rowden, Tim Wilson, Sean Ceballos, Ryan Garrett

Olathe Northwest
Corey Kipp, Arshia Seyedi, Taylor Dexter, Alex Durr, Austin Wessling, Cole Bouwens, Talor Brashear, Broc Bowman, Brock Droescher, Dalton Rook, Bryce Grimm

Olathe South
Jordan Ward, Justin Walterman, Greg Fry, Richard Alexander, Ryan Callahan, Taylor Sheffield, Chris Wright

SM East
Dakota Collins, Connor Rellihan, Tyler Nelson, Patrick Blackburn, Dylan Brett, Connor Corillo, David Sosna

SM North
Ryan Theis, Armondo Contreras, Hunter Degraeve, Colin McCarty, Avery Richard, Anthony Nayler, Sean Wilkes

SM Northwest
Danny Manning, Erik Pinkleman, Colin Pendelton, Austin Vanderpool

SM South
Shawn Laurent, Nick Oliver, Maitho Kimaru, Jake Burnett, Jeramie Fischer, Dametrius Berry, Dominique Berry, John Eric Kelly, Re'Keim Abdul, Dainan Swoope

SM West
Armani Williams, Brett Sterbach, Joe Spiller, Sean Dilley, Cameron Desordi, Mark Whitrock, Andre Maloney, Alex Dinges, Geo Hough
Note: If I accidentally misspelled any player names or left anyone off the lists please email me.


Diablo del Sol said...

Its a pity they do this before the post season, Jordan Ward deserves more than an honorable mention.

JM1771 said...

How in the world did Kendall Kelly not make anything for running back with 23 touchdowns?

JC said...

It's a shame for SM West they forget about their Seniors and decided to focus on sophomores and juniors. So work hard and need help and proper coaching but be left out on your final year to play for SMW.

Govannon Grey said...

JM1771, The team is voted on by all the Sunflower League Head Coaches after week 9. So, whatever Kelly's stats were after the regular season is what it was based off of.

TheRedzone said...

not sure what measuring stick they used when they voted...i don't think it was rushing yards cause Colbert wasn't on top 10 rushing list in week 9 and Ward was. Kelly had 2nd most rushing td's in week 9 with 17.

Viking Fan said...

Exactly what is the shame for SM West? Can you back up how these seniors were overlooked because I don't really see any numbers that show they should be up on the All-League Teams. This isn't an All-Senior All-League team, it's mostly based on production. I counted 5 seniors from SM West on this list (Honorable Mention). Which seniors were left off? Did they actually play?
I'm not sure exactly how it works but I don't think West gets to decide if one of thier own players gets 1st team.

Govannon Grey said...

To TheRedZone, Coaches will put up and promote certain players for whatever reason. A lot of the times,(Like the Heisman) they try not to split votes with two guys at the same position, so they will put up kids (like Kelsh and Kelly) and push for 1 guy over the other. In the EKL it was easier because (at the time) there were only 5 teams that all played each other. The Sunflower has 12 teams all pushing their kids, and a lot of coaches simply haven't seen kids play.

That being said- The Coaches are not slaves to stats. They know who they game plan for, kick away from, etc. etc. and what player they truly are afraid of seeing the ball. So, I'm guessing someone like Teddy Colbert- who I believe was averaging 12 yds a carry or something stupid like that, might get that "coach's respect"

This is just an opinion of guy that's been in the biz.