Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hutchinson vs. SM West Statistical Comparison

Trevor Turner. KPreps.

Trevor Turner: 890, 10 TDs

Wil Smith: 1,267, 7 TDs
Trevor Turner: 876, 12 TDs 
Dakota Brower: 579, 4 TDs
Jamison Likes: 444, 3 TDs
Turner Wintz: 304, 4 TDs
Colby Turner: 235, 8 TDs
Tanner Higgins: 212, 3 TDs
Tyvon Brown: 144, 4 TDs
Austin Garcia: 108 

Evan Gaines-Grissom: 437, 5 TDs
Dakota Brower: 227, 1 TD
Jamison Likes: 188, 2 TDs
Emilio Tafolla: 86, 2 TDs
Joe Dower: 63, 1 TD
Colin O'Neal: 88
Ryan Stoecklein: 87
Colby Turner: 68
Turner Wintz: 59
Tanner Higgins: 57

Dalton Luce: 4
Jarod Gagnebin: 3.5
Ryan Stoecklein: 3
Colin O'Neal: 2

Tanner Higgins: 3
Colby Turner: 2
Ryan Stoecklin: 2
Turner Wintz: 2

****The Salthawks M.O. is obviously their run game.  It's been the school's calling card for years now.  This season they're averaging 350 rushing yards per game to go along with 78.5 passing yards.  One difference between this year's team and what we've normally seen from Hutchinson is that they don't have one go-to back.  In the past they had primary backs like Kerry Gamble, Romero Cotton, Josh Smith and Deveon Dinwiddie.  That's not the case this season.  Five players have recorded over 300 yards rushing, which makes it difficult to zero in on one particular runner.

Brett Sterbach. LJWorld.
SM West

AJ Verdini: 1,144, 11 TDs

Brett Sterbach: 1,955, 21 TDs
Tory Powell: 430, 5 TDs
Andre Maloney: 245, 1 TD
Steffon Ward: 219, 1 TD
Justin Hobbs: 70
Rashaun Owens: 64, 2 TDs
Ray Cherry: 63, 1 TD

Andre Maloney: 497, 10 TDs
Joel Spiller: 333
Mitchell Wade: 68
Steffon Ward: 64, 1 TD
Ben Lake: 54, 1 TD

Max Bullard: 110
Marquan Osbey: 104
Rashaun Owens: 86
Cooper Arner: 74
Joel Spiller: 67

Max Bullard: 9
Lee Spight: 9
Austin Chambers: 3.5
Jordan Neff: 3

Kez Demby: 3
Andre Maloney: 3
Ben Lake: 2
Isaiah Macklin: 2
**Rob Rice: 2
Joel Spiller: 2

****The Vikings' five leading tacklers are not surprisingly, their five starting linebackers.  The most active of them all has been Bullard who is tremendous in run support and pass rushing.  In my opinion, the game will come down to how well SM West's linebackers perform against the Hutchinson rushing attack.  Hutchinson runs a flexbone, which is not seen in East Kansas 6A.  Quick adjustments to the offense will by key for the Vikings.

*Hutchinson's tackle and sack stats do not include Sub-State totals.
**Injured, will not play.

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TFL said...

I'm nearly positive that Smith is over 1000 yards...I don't think the maxpreps stats are correct, but the point remains the same, Hutch spreads the ball around this year more than they have in the past.