Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The 2010 Season in Review

Best Team: Olathe North. The Eagles proved it beating every other formidable foe in the Sunflower League and advancing to the state championship game.

Best Upset: Lawrence High's week five triumph over Olathe East, 27-21, not only shocked the red hot Hawks, but it was also a huge morale boost for the Lawrence football program following a not-so-fun 2009 season.

Biggest Surprise Player: Lawrence Free State's Dylan Perry (left) was really an unknown to most heading into the season, but, as we've come to expect, the quarterbacks at Free State tend to do pretty well in their zone-read option offense. During the off-season Camren Torneden tipped me off that Perry was going to be a special player for the Firebirds, but there wasn't much information out there to read into on Perry. During the 2010 season, Perry became the fourth quarterback to surpass 1,000 yards passing and rushing in the same season since 2004, joining Olathe North's Dustin Moomau (2004), and Free State's Ryan Murphy (2006) and Camren Torneden (2008).

Biggest Surprise Team: We knew in the pre-season talks that the Lancers from SM East had something brewing, but their four-game win improvement over last season was a big deal.

Highest Scoring Output: Olathe North scored 76 points in their week five triumph over Leavenworth.

Best Individual Performances: Many players in the league had great games during the season, but statistically, these three stuck out the most in my mind:

**Brandon Willingham's performance against Free State in Regionals was impressive as he rushed for 190 yards on 33 carries, including three second half touchdowns which pulled Olathe East ahead for the victory.

**In his team's week three loss to SM West, Dylan Perry completed 10 of 17 passes for 185 yards and one touchdown, and he also ran the ball 22 times for 193 yards and two touchdowns.

**In week two, Free State's Preston Schenck filled the box score, carrying the ball 13 times for 84 yards, returning a punt 44 yards for a touchdown, returning a kickoff 94 yards for a touchdown, running an interception back 40 yards for a touchdown, and blocking a kick that was returned 91 yards for a touchdown by Perry.

**Honorable mention would include Drew Goodger's first half against Olathe North in week six when he recorded four sacks, and John Schrock's five touchdown outburst against Blue Valley North in week seven.

Best Three Storylines from 2010:

**SM East's best season in decades under second-year head coach Chip Sherman.

**Olathe North's talented duo of Adonis Saunders and Victor Simmons--both Kansas commits--working to defend Olathe North's 6A crown.

**Olathe North squaring off against rivals Olathe South and Olathe East in the playoffs.

Best Three Early Storylines for 2011:

**With only nine returning First or Second Team All-Sunflower League selections in 2011, it looks like the league will be in for an uprising of new talent.
**Just how far can Lawrence High's quarterback, junior-to-be Brad Strauss (left), lead the Chesty Lions in 2011? Strauss might be capable of leading Lawrence High back to the upper echelon of the league. As a sophomore he completed 60% of his passes for 1,321 yards and 10 touchdowns with only four interceptions.

**Who will be Olathe North's next big, strong, fast, athletic running back to dominate the Sunflower League? Since the 1995 season Olathe North has basically featured 10 big-time running backs. Of those 10, two have played or are playing the NFL, five have won the Simone Award, and five have gone the Division One route.

Way-too-early Top Three for 2011:

1.) Olathe East: The Hawks have a solid core returning and under Jeff Meyers the team is always in contention for the top spot in the league.

2.) Olathe North: Tanner Gentry will be the Eagles' only real prominent returning starter, but the program will undoubtedly find athletes to fill the voids left from 2010.

3.) SM East: Adam Lowe and Elliot Faerber will give the Lancers a great base at the skill positions to build off of.


Anonymous said...

Hey Eli new layout looks good, and this was an interesting read. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

I like your pre-season list, it looks good. If Root does transfer to North, which I heard has all but happened (I work in the Olathe Schools) I believe you would have to flip north and east, also because that Jordan Bruce kid looked decent at QB when he spotted Victor.

Anonymous said...

I have a rising star for you - Freshman OL/DL Austin Chambers of Shawnee Mission West. The kid is a beast! Should have played Varsity this year!

8 time state champs said...

Nice job as always Eli...thanks for what you do it is always a fun read.

Merry Christmas to all you SLF readers!

Anonymous said...

To answer a early storyline:

North RB's at the school currently: Terrence Brown, alot of varsity playing time started both ways big bruiser

In city talent coming in: Teddy Colbert, shifty fast back returned kicks for south
Treshon Root, A very verstaile back can o alot of things we wil see what happens when he gets first reps

Out of city: Orange Mooney, not very sure but i know hes coming in from Arizona, very fast kid runs a 11.36 in 100 other then that he has a highlight tape looks decent but its overly produced so we will have to see

Anonymous said...

I'm not trying to dispute anything said here, but where did Terrence Brown start on Offense, I know he played linebacker, but with Wilson/Saunders/Gentry where did Brown fit in on offense? I did here that Teddy was going to transfer to north, but I also heard that he says a lot of stuff to get attention, trust me he will not start in front of Root, who will be the best back in the league next year (sorry to Tre Burt and Adam Lowe), and is not faster than that Kid Orange Mooney you're talking about. So I don't know where he'll fit in.

Olathe North should be the preseason favorite, I'm not sure about East, it doesn't sound like they have much in terms of skill guys. Maybe they can win games 10-3 or something.

Anybody know about South? I know they have Scott Gourley at center and Frank Seurer at QB coming back, but anything else? Sands, Crist, and Harland were all seniors, as was Tanner Ginavan and Joe Brown, there Defensive 1st and 2nd teamers.

Anonymous said...

terrence brown fit in as a h-back its more a blocking back type got a few carries at that postion

Anonymous said...

South is losing the most on offense, defensively the only thing to really replace is the D-Line, which is tough. They have Dylan Devries, Jared Douglas, Greg Fry, Rem Whitley, and the two Sheffields.

Anonymous said...

WIll there be any sophomore contributors at the varsity level next year to look for??? I have heard about the Chambers kid at SMW and also about a reciever from SMW that were studs! Also heard Free State had a stud freshman team.

Anonymous said...

Chambers is getting a LOT of big time division one attention.

Anonymous said...

Braden Smith at Olathe South was a varsity contributor as a freshman at Defensive end. He's about 6'6" 260 lbs, recorded about 15 tackles and 2 sacks when he joined the defensive line rotation in district play. His sister, Megan Smith is the reigning 6A state champion in shot put, so he's got good genes. She's going division one, and I imagine he will to. Look for him to be a two way starter for the falcons next year.

Anonymous said...

Eli, like the new layout and thanks for doing this for the past 2 or so years. As usual it sounds like ON and the other Olathe schools are reloading. SME's bringing back a lot of juniors and sophomores that got major playing time and experience. They're losing a top-level quarterback and other skill players, and several 2-year starters on the O-line and on defense that'll be tough to replace, but the cupboard isn't bare. Way, way early but it's still fun to look ahead to next year.

Anonymous said...

A couple of things:

1. Eli, thanks for entertaining many high school football fans. This website is and has been awesome!

2. Just watched interesting video of Olathe North Football on youtube. Ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

What is the video of? Why is it ridiculous?

Anonymous said...

If you guys are fans of a school and know what they are returning at each position I say post 'em! I'll start with Olathe South, I have a *good* knowledge of what they have.

Offense: QB Frank Seurer, TE Chris King, T Richard Alexander, C Scott Gourley.

Defense: DL Braden Smith, DE Jared Douglas, LB Greg Fry, LB Remington Whitley, S Dylan DeVries, CBs Taylor and Zach Sheffield.

Jared Douglas is also their Kicker.

Anonymous said...

It's a video of highlights. North football is ridiculous. See for yourself

Anonymous said...

"ridiculous"? Haha! You just mad because your school was never crowned a State Champ!

Great job on the vidoe, Mack! Go Eagles!!!!

Anonymous said...

I really hope youre aware "ridiculous" can be used as a positive statement.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I meant ridiculous in a good way. I am an ONHS alum. By the way this message board is no place for this kind of language.

Anonymous said...

Shawnee Mission East Returning Starters:
O-Line: offensive guards, Sam Heneger and Dylan Brett
Running back: Adam Lowe
Fullback: Jeff Cole
WIde Receivers:Elliot Faerber, Connor Rellihan, David Sosna

D Line: Jeff Cole, Connor Corollo
Linebackers: Patrick Blackburn, David Stewart, Seth Hartman is questionable, and new eddition Demonta Clarke
D Backs: David Sosna, Connor Rellihan, Troy Wilkens. The Lancers had several underclassmen in starting roles and also many others not listed here that had substantial playing time. Even with the loss of John Schrock they are still going to be a formitable team next season.

Go Lancers

Anonymous said...

Why is Seth Hartman questionable???

I know him from little league football and followed his progress this season.

Anonymous said...

SM East does look like they have a solid core, esp on Defense. I don't know much about the kid looking to take over at QB (Nick Pirotte I believe), but I'm sure Sherman will have him well prepared.

Anonymous said...

It is snowing here in Philadelphia PA. Visiting Villanova, last year's D1-FSC Champs can use a TE from the Sunflower Conference. Go Olathe Northwest Ravens.

Anonymous said...

Olathe Northwest is 20-45 since opening. What's up with that? Think about the other Jonhson County schools that have opened within the last 20 years; Olathe East, Blue Valley NW, and Blue Valley West all saw immediate success. What's different about Olathe NW... 20-45!?

Anonymous said...

Seth Hartman may have been expelled for having an unloaded hunting rifle in his car. He is currently waiting for results on his appeal.

Anonymous said...

Why the hell is every1 talking about SM East? jesus! they re suck and has been alway a suck team!
Thie year were their pure lucky with that nerd QB whose ended up with a broken shoulder is gone now!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's not like Olathe NW's other sports aren't good (well, I guess their boys B-Ball hasn't been the best either). I wonder if it's just that North keeps having Northwest kids enroll in their 'Sports Medicine' or 'Culinary Arts' program... which is a joke that the school district even allows that. Whatever it is with NW, it hasn't been working (I think the first mistake was passing up on Callaghan).

Anonymous said...

That is too bad about Seth, he is a good kid....

Anonymous said...

Olathe North has never fielded a player from the NW attendance area who was at North due to enrolling in either of those programs. That's a convenient excuse for people that don't know anything about winning football games. By the way this is a football blog, not a "our other sports aren't that bad....."!

Rather than speculation let's discuss facts. The facts say that anyone affiliated with ONW football can't hide from 20-45. The facts also suggest that school made a mistake not hiring Callaghan!

Anonymous said...

People are talking about SME because they had a share on the sunflower league championship this year. They were a great team. That's why people are talking about them

Anonymous said...

Shawnee Mission East High Football Rulz!

Anonymous said...

And you all idiots think that SM East will come back in 2011? hilarious....Stop talking about Lancers.

Anonymous said...

In response to:
-Olathe North has never fielded a player from the NW attendance area who was at North due to enrolling in either of those programs. That's a convenient excuse for people that don't know anything about winning football games. By the way this is a football blog, not a "our other sports aren't that bad....."!

Rather than speculation let's discuss facts. The facts say that anyone affiliated with ONW football can't hide from 20-45. The facts also suggest that school made a mistake not hiring Callaghan!-

A) I never referred to ONW as OUR I specifically mentioned THEIR sports teams. I am not in any way affiliated with Olathe Northwest nor really care, I was just merely commenting on an early statement.

B.) To say I don't know about winning football games is to think you know who I am (that's what you might want to call 'speculation') I wear the ring of an undefeated state championship team, and thats a fact, so suck on that one. While I suppose I don't know anyone personally who has transferred from NW, I do personally know kids that have done that from the other Olathe Schools.

C.)I'm glad you and I agree about them not hiring callaghan. That was a dumb decision.

Anonymous said...

Why is it so ridiculous to believe that they wil come back next year?

Anonymous said...

It will be another Olathe East vs Olathe North fight for the State even with OE's Brandon Willingham, Austin Fulson, and Brent Guiser as well as, ON's Adonis Saunders and Victor Simmons heading on to the college ranks.

Anonymous said...

Olathe Northwest (City of Olathe's JV team) will battle it out with Leavenworth for the worst team in the league next year. Northwest football doesn't fit in Olathe, it's like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole!

Anonymous said...

Olathe South Has had for the past 2 years the most dominating underclassmen players at the JV and sophmore levels. South was very deep in talent and no school should be over looked.
QB Frank Seurer
C Scott Gourley
T Richard Alexander
TE Chris King

DT Jared Douglas
DE Braden Smith
CB Zach Sheffield
CB Taylor Sheffield
S Dylan Devries
OLB Greg Fry
OLB Rem Whitley

Underclassmen Non Starters (had Varsity Time)
Matt Elliot
Austin Hayes

South is pretty stacked with a lot of talent and under the radar players that dont have big heads and big mouths.